Ninja AF100 vs AF101 Air Fryer | A Precise Comparison

Using an air fryer for your deep frying substitute is a vital decision, when you prioritize your health. Ninja has different air fryers on the go, so it’s easy to confuse which one to choose between Ninja AF100 vs AF101 Air Fryer. So, we are here to clear out any confusions that you have regarding these two Air Fryers of Ninja.

Both the air fryers are amazing at what they do. You cannot differentiate between these two in terms of quality. But when it comes to some specific features, there are some differences that you should consider. Therefore, today we will focus on all the differences, upsides, and downsides of both air fryers. Let’s get right into it!

Ninja Air Fryer AF100 Vs AF101 – Key Differences in Features

Ninja Air Fryer AF100 Vs AF101

Ninja Air Fryer AF100: Main Features

  • An extended capacity of 3.79 Liters so you can cook many things at a time
  • Easy to use, and you can prepare multiple dishes
  • Ceramic build body enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen
  • 400 degrees Fahrenheit max temperature to provide you the well-cook
  • It comes with a touch control method that makes your tasks quick

Ninja Air Fryer AF101: Main Features

  • Black high gloss finish that looks very fancy and durable
  • 4 Quarts extended capacity to hold up with anything you put in one batch
  • Ceramic, metal, and plastic build body makes it usable for a long time
  • Cooks healthy food with 75 percent less fat
  • The ceramic-coated nonstick basket and crisper plate are very easy to use and hold a lot of food at once.

Ninja Air Fryer AF100 Review

Ninja AF100 Air Fryer Review

When you consider moving to a healthy way of cooking, this air fryer can help you with that. The restaurant-style cooking can be easily achievable once you start using it. The compact design of the air fryer lasts for a long time to serve ease while cooking.

As the air fryer uses 80% less oil than conventional stoves, you can switch to a healthier substitute for your healthy diet. You can cook everything you want without deep frying or too much oil.

The Ninja AF100 air fryer can provide temperatures up to 400F, thus, you can cook anything you want without fearing leaving the insides undercooked. Also, you can cook up to 2 pounds of food without stuffing everything. It can save a lot of time for you.

Moreover, you can cook your food using a touch control system. The system makes the whole procedure easy as a piece of cake. The air circulation is even through the foods, so the food will get the optimum heat everywhere to get cooked perfectly. Also, you can easily adjust the thermostat to switch between different heating settings per your cooking needs.

People mainly consider buying an air fryer to get a healthy diet to make fried foods without fat. And if that’s your intention, too, you can get it done easily using this fryer. AF100 can reduce the fat and calories in your food to make your diet more nutritious. But it doesn’t ruin the taste at all. Instead, you can keep the food taste content.

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Ninja Air Fryer AF101 Review

Ninja AF101 Air Fryer Review

The air fryer AF101 is both a life and time saver, and we have valid reasons for saying it. You need to do everything easily when you are a lazy cook. We get how easy it is to get distracted by the procedures that you need to follow while cooking. But you can make every process easier if you start using this one.

The 4 Quartz capacity holds everything in one batch. So you won’t have to go through multiple batches to cook the food for a big family party. It makes everything quick and keeps the food taste content. Like deep-frying, you will get the right crisp from your fried foods.

While you desire to cook restaurant-style fried snacks, this one can get your peace within no time. The taste is just the same as what they prepare in restaurants. Once you use it, we bet you will never buy fried chicken or nuggets again.

The best thing with Ninja Air Fryer AF101 is that you can prepare your food without creating a mess. It takes a very little bit of time to prepare the food without leaving anything undercooked. Moreover, with the usage of ceramic coating, you can easily clean the fryer up. So if you are a lazy person who hates cleaning, this is the perfect choice for you.

Another advantage is that this one comes with a dehydrator feature that works very fast. You can throw your food in the fryer, and it will be defrosted within minutes. The fryer is also an amazing companion for reheating foods. You will forget that a microwave exists if you start using it.

The smart approach, powerful 1550 watts, and extended capacity makes your whole cooking effortless like you have never had before. So while moving towards minimal-oil usage, you must consider using this one as your kitchen buddy.

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Ninja AF100 Vs AF101 Air Fryer- Side By Side Comparison

ninja 4 qt air fryer af100 vs af101

Although these two come with almost identical specifications and capabilities, some differences make them slightly distinct. So now we will discuss those areas in brief.

Power Consumption

Both the machines are intelligent to save your electricity in time. Also, you can get precise cooking from both as they come with intelligent sensors to detect. But if you want to save energy, the Ninja AF100 might be the one for you as it uses about 5% less power than its brother.

Winner: Ninja AF100


The weight creates a big difference between the two appliances. The Ninja AF101 weighs more than the AF100. While the AF100 weighs less than 10 pounds, the AF101 weighs more than that. So while you want a lightweight appliance, it’s better to rely on the AF100.

Winner: Ninja AF100 when you need a lightweight fryer.

Controls and Presets

Both of the appliances come with four preset settings. So they don’t differ in this area that much. Also, you can adjust the temperature as you like depending on what you are cooking. Both appliances have smart touch control systems to control the device.


Both the fryers provide the same capacity of cooking 2 pounds of food at a time. So there is no difference in this case. You can cook up to 4 quarts of food using both appliances. Also, both of these fryers can cook any type of food that you want; the result will be the same.

Temperature Range

Both of them offer you an adequate temperature setting of up to 400 degrees F. They provide consistent heating inside the fryer to cook your frozen foods properly. In this case, there are no visible differences as both are enough to cook any desserts and deep-fried foods you want.

Cooking Racks

Here comes a differentiation that you can find. When you need multiple racks to cook multiple foods, you need to go for the Ninja AF101 air fryer. It comes with 4 racks, so you can cook multiple foods at once. But the other one does not provide any racks, which can be problematic for your quick cooking.

Winner: Ninja AF101


We can’t differentiate these two in terms of performance as both offer decent performance. You can cook your food quickly and evenly using any of them. But from our experience, we found the Ninja Air Fryer AF101 to be slightly faster than the other one. However, that doesn’t make a big difference than only five seconds.

In terms of design, both are identical. However, the AF100 seems to be slightly larger than the other model. So if you have a small space, you might want to go for AF101. And when it comes to evenly cooking, both performed the same. Although the AF101 contains racks, you will get the same consistent cooking from it. The heat distribution is also top-notch in both appliances.


Both of these air fryers come with easy cleaning facilities that don’t take much time to clean up. Also, the food doesn’t make the components greasy, which is a big sigh of relief. The appliances are made of PFOA and PTFE-free coating.


The price difference here isn’t that big, but if you are looking for a reasonable fryer, then Ninja Air Fryer AF100 is cheaper than AF101. While it offers everything that the counterpart does, it doesn’t make that sense to go for the other one spending more.

Winner: Ninja AF100

Why We Like the Ninja AF101


  • It is more popular
  • You can get slightly fast cooking from it
  • The fryer contains racks to cook multiple foods at once
  • The rack helps to dehydrate the foods quickly
  • It is very durable and compact
  • Smaller than AF100


Why We Like the Ninja AF100


  • Uses very little oil in cooking
  • Saves a lot of time and energy
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Weighs less than the counterpart
  • Easy to carry around



Considering everything, our vote goes toward the AF100. It offers almost the same things as the other model, but it comes at a more reasonable price.

Also, as it is lightweight, it gives you portability. You can cook everything with the same outcome at a lower cost, so it’s obvious that you will prefer it more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is the Ninja AF101 a good air fryer?

The Ninja AF101 Air Fryer has a lot of positive reviews from customers all over the world. As it offers everything that you need from an air fryer, it will definitely be a wise option to rely on. You can cook everything you want in it, with a restaurant-like taste.


Is the Ninja AF100 good?

It is an amazing option to rely on when you want something minimal and effective. The price is very reasonable. But it offers extraordinary performance. You can cook anything you want, and you will love the outcome.


Does Ninja AF101 have Teflon?

No, the fryer is made of harm-free coatings. It is very safe for your oil-free deep-fried foods. The insert materials do not contain anything that has Teflon coatings.


Is it worth buying a Ninja air fryer?

Yes, it can exceed your expectations. They provide an amazing cooking experience whether you are a newbie or an expert. You will always get the best-tasting food with the right crisp. When you want a healthy alternative for deep-frying, you should get one.



Now that you know all about the differences between the Ninja air fryer AF100 vs AF101, you should have set your mind on which one to choose.

Both the appliances are amazing in what they do, so regardless of which one you choose, you will never regret your decision.